All about Fibromyalgia, the “paperless” disease

Although it occurs in both sexes, it is much more frequent in women in a ratio of 20 to 1.

Fibromyalgia, a “paperless disease”

While Fibromyalgia was understood as an “invisible disease” at the end of the 20th century, it is now known as an “emerging disease” or even as a “rare or rare disease”. However, in reality, it remains clearly an “invisible and orphan disease”, and not because it has no owners, who are the people who suffer and suffer it, but because neither the politicians, nor the rulers, nor the professionals sanitary, we have understood a real problem, which as “not seen” does not seem to exist. And hence the “invisible”, although the truth is that if you have to find a definition that helps us blush we should say that it is a “paperless disease”, simply because we can not prove that it exists, as on other occasions, with A blood test,

Symptoms and treatment

The most characteristic of this disease is a permanent tiredness accompanied by pain in bones and muscles, sleep problems, mood decay. Its causes are really unknown but it is usually associated with physical trauma, infections or psychological stress, although it can also appear without an apparent reason. 

At the moment the treatment of Fibromyalgia is only palliative, or what is the same: it happens to attack the symptoms since there is still no curative treatment, hence it is a chronic disease

Fibromyalgia is not just a women’s thing

Perhaps history would have been written differently if fibromyalgia had affected men more than women, but the truth is that although it occurs in both sexes, it is much more frequent in women in a proportion of 20 to 1. And without forgetting the men who suffer and suffer from it, what we cannot ignore is that women have always been discriminated against by history, by politicians, by judges, by businessmen, by society in general, and especially by science, research and medicine, something very easy to verify by simply making a simple review of medical science until the last part of the s. XX, specifically until 1992, when Fibromyalgia is accepted as a chronic disease by the World Health Organization itself.

She is not a neurotic, nor a hysterical … she suffers from Fibromyalgia

For many years and still today, the woman who suffers a Fibromyalgia is crossed out by her partner, by her family, by her bosses and co-workers, by her friends and by much of society, from neurotic, to hysterical, hypochondriacal or worse, simulator. And only because it is a disease that does not show up in those tests that we trust health professionals too much, when we should be more trained in communication, to learn how to “listen actively” to the people who suffer from it. Without criticizing the advances of the technique – welcome the technification in medicine – we should give the importance that deserves to the humanization of the health system and of our professional work in the consultation.

My whole body hurts … Believe me !!!

Many people, especially women, still suffer from society’s indifference due to the simple fact that there is no “painmeter”. If a person’s pain could be measured, how do we measure temperature or glucose …! And it is that this technification, which we all must accept and that has not yet been able to invent the effective painimeter, all too often makes us forget that pain is a totally subjective sensation and a personal and individual feeling of each patient, so it is essential to believe the person who suffers it; and if we want to measure it, we can do it with the “pain meter” , which exists since Hippocrates used it with his patients.

Join efforts to overcome difficulties.

If we all row in the same direction, we will make fibromyalgia known as it is, with its negative points, but also with the positive ones that are so often forgotten in the media. If we analyze the news, it seems rather that we are talking about a disease that only has a female component, and that is always associated with work disabilities and a great courtship of symptoms that makes many entrepreneurs see no benefit in hiring a person diagnosed with this disease, nor in keeping her in her workplace.

Burnout, mobbing, dismissals and negative sentences are the consequences that these people face too often, who often try to hide their illness for fear of losing their job and not being believed by their own loved ones. It is also about sensitizing judges and politicians, who should know deeply about the disease and its social consequences, because we are talking about a “bio-psycho-social” disease and a clear Public Health problem that needs an urgent solution and from a point of view “socio-health”.

If we face the problem in family and with the family, if we join all efforts, if there is a true Federation that will unite all patient associations and establish true family and work conciliation programs, surely things could change for the better. Today we all talk about labor productivity and work by objectives, while modern companies offer online jobs from home. If a person diagnosed with fibromyalgia, from the Company Medical Service, together with the Department of Human Resources, had a personalized and humanized study, we could adapt their job, or find a new one, according to their possibilities, or it could adjust a cut in the working day, which would increase the self-esteem of the worker, and decrease the work casualties. We would all win: the person because he continues to work, the company because he increases his productivity, the family because the self-esteem of those who suffer from the disease grows significantly; We would all win because we would need much less medicine to treat the disease.

Let’s go from “Victimism” to “Activism”

It is time to move from “victimhood” to “activism.” Without forgetting the daily problems that a person with fibromyalgia suffers, we should move clearly to “action”, joining everyone’s efforts and struggling with energy for their labor, social and family rights. But perhaps for this it is necessary to present the kind face of the disease, which also has it. Now, the word is taken by patients and the associations that represent them, without forgetting that many may be interested in that of “divide and conquer”, or that “unity is strength.”

Testimonies such as Manuela de Madre , who was mayor of Santa Coloma de Gramanet, have undoubtedly helped to make these diseases visible, at least in the social media. Today, no one in their right mind distrusts the diagnosis, provided it has been made by a rheumatology specialist, although it is the Primary Care physician, the attending physician, who must make the first suspected diagnosis.

Patient associations are demonstrating, among other things, that they are “rare” diseases, but more frequent than we all think and that they affect more than 100,000 people in Spain, even if they are much less those that are properly diagnosed; that they should not suffer in silence for fear of the epithets with which society can identify the person who suffers them; that in no way alters the intelligence of the patients; and that we still have, without exception, a long way to go, to achieve among other things true Multidisciplinary Units and Comprehensive Care, within a “socio-health” program.

But also health professionals in general, and doctors in particular, we must make a self-criticism and modify our attitudes towards these and other “paperless” diseases. Today, and more and more frequently, we are witnessing an excessive cult of medicine, making “medicine” as a profession too medicalized.

“Stimulin” the best generic medicine

Medications are essential and sometimes essential, but a dose of “communication”, “humanization” and “stimulin” should never be forgotten and must necessarily be included in our particular vademecum, something that the “Doctors” cannot offer us in any way. Google and Yahoo ”on the Internet, even on social networks, where many unscrupulous people try to do their business at the cost of the illness and pain of many others.

“Stimulin” is a generic that does not need a prescription, that it is not necessary to buy it in the pharmacy, that has no dose limit, that has no side effects and that we all carry inside, although sometimes we need a little push to increase its synthesis in our interior and that is absolutely essential to increase that self-esteem that descends so much in the presence of a Fibromyalgia, because as Manuela de Madre said , “the pain is like the wind, you notice it but you can’t see it ”.

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