“Brazilians develop a device that promises to relieve the pain of fibromyalgia”

Patients suffering from the pain caused by fibromyalgia will have, from August, a new treatment to relieve the symptoms of the disease. Instead of resorting to analgesics, anti-inflammatory and antidepressants, patients can undergo sessions in a photodynamic therapy device. It simultaneously emits low intensity laser and therapeutic ultrasound.

The device was developed by researchers from the Institute of Physics of São Carlos (IFSC) of the University of São Paulo (USP). The objective of the group was to “attack” the fibromyalgia of the palm instead of the pain points scattered throughout the body. The idea came after reviewing articles in the area, which suggested that patients diagnosed with the disease had more neuroreceptors near the blood vessels of the hands.

After three years of development, the researchers were able to assist, in association with clinics in São Carlos and the Santa Casa de Misericórdia in the city, more than 800 people to test the effectiveness of the product. Another thousand people are waiting in line to be treated and participate in the study as volunteers. “These people already suffer a lot from the side effects of the medications used to treat these diseases. Therefore, our intention has always been to carry out a non-pharmacological intervention so as not to compromise the patient’s quality of life. Especially due to the fact that more and more people of working age are being diagnosed with these rheumatic diseases, ”said the study advisor, Professor Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato.

The device that promises to reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia has not yet been made available to the general public because it is undergoing final tests, pending the approval of Anvisa, such as Professor Vanderlei Salvador Bagnato of the Institute of Physics of the USP explained Viver Bem by phone. Interested clinics can contact the teacher (via [email protected]) and participate in the study. Therefore, in addition to allowing the population access to the equipment, the results will compose the study data as an experimental technique.

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