Cervicobrachialgia: that pain that goes from the neck to the arm

Cervicobrachialgia may appear as a result of injury or even after prolonged periods of stress. Alternate hot and cold showers can help relieve pain.

The name may disturb us a little, but cervicobrachialgia is more common than we think .

It is a pain in the cervical area that originates in the neck and spreads through the spinal cord to reach the arm and even the fingers.

It is very disabling. However, a misconception that remains regarding this condition is that it is believed to only affect people who play sports . Factors such as stress or chronic anxiety and even osteoarthritis result in such painful disorders.

The good news is that it can usually be resolved with drugs. However, in the most serious cases there is no choice but to resort to surgery. Next, we suggest you learn more about this problem that you don’t usually talk about too much.

Cervicobrachialgia: when any movement becomes pain

Move the head, reach an object, sit down, read, lie down … And even breathe, everything is done with great suffering. Cervicobrachialgia has its main focus on the spine . We are not facing a simple whiplash  or a contracture. Is much more.

Imagine our upper area of ​​our spine. It is the one that goes from vertebra C1 to C7, which are precisely the smallest.

  • Now, within the vertebrae there are also ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerve fibers …
  • When any of these areas is inflamed, pain reaches various areas of our body.

Thus, it is common for inflammation to begin in the spine and reach a shoulder, scapula, arms and even the chest.

Cervicobrachialgia has multiple causes.

How does a cervicobrachialgia originate?

  • Traumatic injuries: We indicated at the beginning, one of the main causes of cervicobrachialgia are injuries caused by an accident or the practice of a sport. Dislocations, fractures, sprains  or muscle tears are usually the main causes.
  • Also, prolonged periods of stress and anxiety also lead to this problem. You have to consider this.
  • Inflammatory processes, such as rheumatism, can also cause it.
  • On the other hand, people affected by degenerative diseases such as osteoarthritis  can also develop cervicobrachialgia over time.
  • Nor can we ignore infectious processes such as tuberculosis.

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What symptoms do you have?

Surely you have heard someone say that “it is as if he had a dagger in his back “ . In a way, it’s something similar.

Only, in addition to that central focus, the pain radiates to other areas of the body in the form of very intense heat .

  • Cervicobrachialgia, in addition to this pain described, is also characterized by severe cramping, sensitivity disorders, muscle weakness, numbness or feeling of cold or intense heat, as if it were a burn .
  • Likewise, we may experience a headache, problems moving the neck, sitting, dizziness, nausea, etc. Almost any movement is accompanied by intense discomfort .

What treatments exist?

Cervicobrachialgia should be treated professionally.

Cervicobrachialgia requires a personalized treatment that only health professionals can offer us . It is necessary to offer, in the first place, the appropriate drugs to reduce inflammation.

  • Physiotherapy , meanwhile, can counteract pain and restore limb functioning.
  • Another very suitable technique is cold-heat therapy . Hot showers, water bags and even rosemary alcohol massages are very effective.
  • We cannot forget either that, when we are diagnosed with a cervicobrachialgia, it is necessary to rest .
  • Specialists recommend resting on your back with the arm where the pain is located just behind the head.

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The  cervicobrachialgia has a good prognosis

Generally, cervicobrachialgia has a good prognosis. What does this mean? That people with a good medical history tend to improve over a period of four to six weeks.

  • The essential problem is undoubtedly in those patients suffering from osteoarthritis or arthritis. When we are facing chronic diseases, the most common is to spend times of improvement with weeks of intense discomfort.
  • If we suffer from any of these conditions, we must take maximum care of our lifestyle. Good nutrition, moderate exercise and controlling the focus of stress and anxiety can help us.

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