Costochondritis, the cause of chest pain in fibromyalgia patients

A large percentage of people with fibromyalgia have symptoms such as chest and chest pain due to costochondritis, which is inflammation of the cartilage that connects the ribs with the sternum and which can often be mistaken for heart problems.Pain usually presents with these symptoms:Burning in the ribs.It is felt on the left side of the chest.It occurs on the left side of the sternumIs sharp, stabbing, or gives a feeling of pressureAffects more than one ribIt gets worse when you breathe deeply or when you coughIt can come and go and is easy to control with good breath management.Sharp, burning discomfort in the upper chest.Very similar to that of a heart attack.Irregular heart rate.In the face of any pain in the chest, the most advisable thing is to seek help from a specialist, since as it can be costochondritis, it can also be due to a heart problem.Although it is a disease categorized as benign, it is highly painful and is one of the main causes of chest pain. For Fibromyalgia patients, Costochondritis can become a chronic and difficult problem to overcome.

TreatmentIf the symptoms are not as strong, you can avoid doing activities that put pressure on the affected area, massage your neck and shoulders to reduce tension in the muscles, avoid stress and take a relaxing bath at night, before going to bed.When you have detected costochondritis, you can treat it with ice or medication, but you should always follow your doctor’s recommendations, since the application of cold and heat, and some treatments performed without supervision, can alter Fibromyalgia.

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