Fibromyalgia, a progressive and debilitating disease

With the approval in the Health Commission in L’Aquila, a technical work table was given the green light for the institutional recognition of progressive and debilitating disease for fibromyalgia.

“A first important success, of which I am proud, the one on fibromyalgia which yesterday saw the unanimous approval in the Health Commission of the dual signature motion of myself and of the director Mario Quaglieri”. Thus began the group leader in the Regional Council of Brothers of Italy, Guerino Testa, this morning, in a press conference, which sought to shed light on the inaccuracies in the press solely for accuracy. “It is not a question of merging two resolutions, but of the aforementioned motion which, in its entirety, also includes requests from other fellow directors”. Testa then highlighted “how, for the first time in Abruzzo, people are beginning to work seriously and concretely on this very insubstantial and invisible syndrome, which has so far left the people affected in the shadows and the difficulty of having to face paths of diagnosis and therapies that are not well defined, in addition to the costs of undergoing various types of treatment. The matter is very complex – he pointed out – starting from the fact that it is an unrecognized disease, with all the consequences that derive from it. Diagnoses are difficult as it is not clear which doctor is entitled to perform them. It is evident the great difficulty to which patients are subjected – he commented – that are currently treated in a way, as if to say, promiscuous, and for different symptoms and also with alternative therapies that have demonstrated their, albeit partial, efficacy, from ozone acupuncture therapy, and more. The important novelty is represented by the establishment of a working group for the deepening of the problems of Fibromyalgia (FM), of benign myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME / CFS) and of multiple chemical Sensitivity (MCS) at the Health Department, composed of representatives of local health authorities, national and regional associations, with the aim of identifying immediate paths, for taking care of and resources, pending the national regulatory intervention. More specifically – the Director explained – the Technical Board will be highly competent, made up of multidisciplinary medical and scientific figures. We will ask the working group, the establishment of a platform that will be made available to the local health authorities, in which the Cfu (United Fibromyalgia Committee) is regional and reality connected to it, both the treating physicians and the individual private individuals can insert the names of the patients, with the precise intent to carry out a fairly reliable census and finally obtain an estimate of the fibromialgici abruzzesi, given at the moment totally missing. It starts with this priority, in addition to working on specific medical ownership of diagnosis. From the establishment of the Table, they will spend about 4 to 6 months of intense work, to have a first update on the subject. I would like to underline the precious collaboration of the regional representative of the CFU, Giuseppe Volpe, for having provided us with all the useful information to start this journey. It will not be a simple job, but our goal is very clear: to reach the recognition of a progressive and debilitating disease as soon as possible. and then think about the exemption for drugs and treatments “. To thank the directors Testa and Quaglieri, it was Volpe “for the seriousness and concreteness to demonstrate. Behaviors I was not used to, given the many futile attempts to be heard. Without considering the regrettable event of a few days ago – he remarked intensely – when I learned of an initiative on fibromyalgia, in Pescara, with the presence of even national political exponents, with respect to which we fibromyalgics were not in the least involved, nor informed nor much less invited. It seemed paradoxical to me that the recipients of this event were completely ousted. Forgive this emphasis – he said – which comes from years of battles and slammed doors. But I want to think about the near future – continued Volpe – that promises to be an improvement for the fibromialgici abruzzesi. I guarantee my maximum collaboration with the establishment of the Technical Table, for the achievement of highly anticipated results by patients. I can attest, from fibromialgico, how much suffering lies behind the lives of each of us. Physical and psychological suffering, to which are added social and economic complications. There are those who lose their jobs, or those who are forced to leave them because of the strong invalidating level of the syndrome. For the first time I breathe a sigh of relief, because it begins a path of solving a heavy problem, which will also be able to put things in its place. I mean that, as in every area,

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