Fifteen ways to imagine how fibromyalgia feels

It is never easy to describe your feelings about this condition you are going through. When you share with someone who is suffering from fibromyalgia, they give you a confused look. The question that comes to mind is, how is that? It is a difficult and difficult question to answer. Because it is not easy to tell someone how you feel, to those who have never experienced it. Also, the levels of your pain and the challenges that come with it.

To help people understand how fibromyalgia feels, here are some thoughts shared by the fibromyalgia sufferer community. Also, your thoughts and experiences about your condition are enough for healthy people to understand what it is about.

This is what the fibromyalgia community has shared:

Number one

Just imagine the worst disease, pain and fatigue. Deep mist covered everything around your head making you go to the hospital. Now think about having this condition every day and knowing that going to the hospital is useless. Because the doctors will never find anything wrong and send him home without giving him the medications. This is what fibromyalgia feels like.

Number two

Now imagine waking up exhausted every day, like you haven’t slept in days. While lying in bed, trying to find the energy to get out of bed and go to the bathroom. In doing this, the thought “Can I go another day?” it’s over your head. Then think that everything you do, even the smallest tasks, is like walking in a mud trap.

Number Three

Now we suggest that there is a phone, there is something wrong with the charger. No matter how long you put it in charge, it never exceeds 50%, only if you’re lucky. You put the phone in low performance mode, remove all the applications from task manager to save battery. But it’s still no use. It quickly drops to zero in no time. Now imagine that you have a lot to do in one day and you are this phone.

Number four

You know, how you feel when you have the flu, pain in your whole body, everything hurts in your body. Even her hair and nails feel like they fall out immediately. These were the good days.

Number five

Imagine the worst flu you’ve ever had and combine that with the pain of falling off the stairs, straight into the hive. This is what fibromyalgia feels like.

Number six

Fibromyalgia feels like a hazy, foggy thought, and on a bad day, moving feels like walking in a jelly of thought. Doing even the smallest things and normal things causes pain, and without restful and adequate sleep.

Number you are

Fibromyalgia feels like you are in a car accident while having the flu. And you never got over the pain of both of you.

Number eight

You can’t imagine the fibromyalgia feeling, the pain, the fatigue that is with you all the time. There are too many symptoms, I think people lose track after listing the top ten. This is why people with fibromyalgia often feel so isolated. And they turn to the online community to find people who have experienced it and understand it well.

Number nine

Sometimes after showering when I see my body in the mirror, I expect to see bruises everywhere. Because my body hurts and hurts a lot, and that pain feels like when you have scars all over your body. I wish several times that my body is bruised everywhere so that people take my pain seriously.

Number ten

Imagine yourself in a burrito wrapped in a blanket that is made from massage chairs with balls. And you have no idea how many of them will push you and where. Sometimes it is as if the deepest muscles in the body are repeatedly hit, like a punching bag. I can’t think clearly all the time. It is as if I was drowning from being crushed under the weight and pain.

Number eleven

His body feels like he’s been hit by a truck, and sometimes it looks like someone is driving needles into his body and twisting them.

Number twelve

Fibromyalgia pain feels like vomiting because it is so extreme. Eating, sleeping, thinking, and doing other normal things are difficult. His senses are muffled, it feels like the noise sounds in a cave, echoing sounds. The smells bother you a lot, the lights hurt your eyes and you feel dizzy like a carnival ride.

Number thirteen

It feels like the princess and Pea syndrome, every imaginable feeling is increasing. Also, standing on a bridge or anywhere near an escalator feels like an earthquake. And also, you smell things that nobody around you can smell.

Number fourteen

When you go out to eat somewhere, you constantly fight because the seat is hurting your back. And also, you’re always tired and not even a full cup of black coffee will fix it.

Number fifteen

Fibromyalgia is like the difficult day after the gym with difficult exercises, with stiff and sore muscles. Plus, a headache and sunburn, and a flu on top of that. In fact, fatigue and pain feel like your blood in your veins has turned to hard rock.

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