First Poop After Baby And 9 Other Truths Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

First Poop After Baby And 9 Other Truths Every Pregnant Woman Should Know

Almost every mommy anxiously awaits her due date! She not only gets to meet her little roommate but also is free to resume her old life back. Well, sort of. She’s free to engage in adventurous physical feats and may be indulge in her food desires a tad bit. Lastly (and by no means the least), she can use the toilet like a normal human once again! Or can she?

Well, we hate to break it to you but those first few months post-delivery, your toilet life is going to be the stuff of nightmares. Like, for real. The rough experiences you are going through now are nothing compared to what lies ahead.

Here are nine scary things pregnant mothers need to be prepared for once they give birth:

1. Stitches

Right after you give birth to your child and are busy creating that special bond with them, your doctor will most probably be sewing up the massive hole your child just made trying to come out of your vagina. At that very moment, you most probably won’t feel a thing since you will be under the influence of pain-relief drugs. However, a few hours later, once the epidural starts to wear off and your excitement of becoming a mother dies down a bit, you will be greeted by excruciating pain.

2. The First Pee Post-Delivery

Most women give birth through their vagina. Under this condition, your labia ends up getting pulled beyond its limit leaving you with painful burns. The pain from these burns is exacerbated when you take a pee for the first time post-delivery. Luckily the nurse is well aware of this fact and will hand you a can of numbing spray to help soothe the pain.

3. Having To Pee In A Jug

Not only will your first pee post-delivery pain a lot, but you will also most likely have to do it in a plastic jug. It is important for doctors to keep an eye on the fluid levels entering and leaving your body once you have gone through labor.

4. The First Fart

Those women who have to undergo a C-section to give birth need to pass gas in order for doctors to make sure that their body systems are working fine. This means that people will keep questioning you whether you have farted yet! You most likely won’t be allowed to eat anything before you actually accept that you have farted.

5. Stool Softeners

Once you have been through labor, your abdomen muscles have most likely reached their limit. This means that any sort of flexing will lead to excruciating pain. Your first poop post-delivery will most likely end in tears. For this reason, doctors prescribe you with stool softening pills to ensure that you don’t work your abdominal muscles too much.

6. No Wipe Zone

For the first two weeks post-delivery, you will not be able to use any toilet paper due to the sensitivity of your private region. This means that you will have to religiously make use of the peri bottle that the hospital will provide you once you give birth.

7. Sitz Baths

Your private region will most probably be swollen due to your delivery. The swelling may take ten to 15 days to come down. You can speed up the process by using a sitz bath for ten minutes every day.

8. Itchy Stitches

If you did receive stitches post-delivery, chances are you might start feeling the need to scratch your lady parts. This usually happens within a week when the healing process begins.

9. Peeing Yourself

Here’s something you probably didn’t know. The muscles in your lower region will become very weak post-delivery. This means that you will most likely end up wetting yourself a little every time you feel like peeing!

As scary as it may sound, you would have to go through this weird phase. I mean it still isn’t as bad as reliving labor! Look at the positive side. Once you are out of the toilet, you take a look at that little tyke smiling back at you and realize it was all worth it.


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