House approves proposal obliging SUS to treat fibromyalgia syndrome

The Commission of Constitution and Justice (CCJ) approved, on Wednesday (10), project (PL 6858/13) that obliges the Unified Health System (SUS) to offer treatment to people with fibromyalgia syndrome or chronic fatigue.

The rapporteur, Mr Marcelo Aro (PP-MG), presented an opinion on the constitutionality of the proposal.

Fibromyalgia causes diffuse and chronic pain in the muscles and bones, but the person may also have fatigue, sleep disturbance, morning stiffness and extremity paralysis, among other symptoms.

The proposal ensures patient multidisciplinary care with doctors, psychologists, nutritionists and physiotherapists, as well as ensuring access to exams, pharmaceutical assistance and other therapies.

The author of the project, Deputy Erika Kokay (PT-DF), believes that, in addition to recognizing the disease, the expansion of this service to the SUS will enable the treatment of the syndrome can even become a public health policy. “With this policy of health care, in SUS, for people with fibromyalgia, we are first recognizing the disease, giving visibility to it, enabling them to finally rescue their lives or have their lives back, [through] this multisectoral care ”.

The bill has been  finalized  and may be sent to the Senate, unless there is appeal for consideration by the Plenary.

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