People with fibromyalgia have priority in Barueri

The City of Barueri has extended to people suffering from fibromyalgia – a disease characterized by chronic pain in various parts of the body – the right to priority care in public services. The right is the same as that granted to persons with disabilities. The extension is provided for in Law 2681/2019, sanctioned by Mayor Rubens Furlan and published in the May 25 issue of the Official Journal. It originated in a bill, approved by the City Council, authored by Councilman Reinaldo Campos. 

According to the text, for the purposes of the law the person with fibromyalgia is considered a person with disabilities. Therefore, she may also request the issuance of the identification card of the disabled person, which is issued by the city hall and is provided for by the municipal law No. 2,672, of April 4, 2019. Fibromyalgia is a disease related to the functioning of the nervous system. affects 90% of women between 35 and 50 years old. Depending on the degree, it can be intense and disabling. Its cause is still unknown and the diagnosis is made based on the identification of painful points. There are no complementary laboratory tests to guide you

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