Popular Baby Names Today That Will Sound Ridiculous In 10 Years

Names are something that will be stuck with us for the rest of our lives. And therefore choosing a name for your precious one is never easy. You don’t want to name your baby something that will sound funny or ridiculous by the time they reach high school. Trends come and go, and it will be your kid who has to face the repercussions of the name you picked out for them. And this puts a lot of pressure on the parents when picking out their baby’s name. A name that sounds trendy and totally cool now may not be the same after 5 or 10 years. But parents need not worry as we have picked out a list of such names that will definitely sound ridiculous in 10 years. So, you can easily skip choosing these names for your little one:


Naming your kid after a fictional character is always risky. Khaleesi is one fierce character. And sure, we all loved how she walked through fire and rode on dragons. But naming your girl Khaleesi can go down poorly when after a decade it will lose its shimmer.


Blue is a name that is sought after by celebrities. They have been using it since 1989. Blue Ivy may sound cool when it is Beyonce’s daughter. But Blue won’t be a good choice in the real world. So it’s safe to leave these kinds of names to celebrities if you don’t want your kid to get teased in school.


Zayden is a modern name and has been gaining traction since the 21st century. It is a name that is popular among celebrities and non-celebrities alike. Unlike Jayden and Aiden, this made up name has no meaning. Can it really stand the test of time after 10 years? In our opinion, it’s a name that will not last long after a decade.


It’s not a name that you can easily pronounce or even spell. So how did this name come about? Does it sound similar to something else? If you haven’t guessed it, it’s heaven spelled backward. Some people might find it strange, but it’s a name that has been climbing charts. People seem to really like it now for whatever reason. But it’s not a name that will be likable after 10 years.


If you are a Rocky fan, this name might sound familiar. But this new addition to the Rocky franchise may not have lived up to everyone’s expectations. Creed is a name that sounds almost harsh and has a dark image to it. It is definitely not a future-proof name.


Mom, Kim Kardashian and dad, Kanye West really popularised this name by naming their daughter North West. It is a random name and doesn’t have the same appeal as Weston, West or Easton. Though it has become a familiar name now, chances are that it will start sounding bizarre in the next 10 or 15 years.


Destiny was a quite popular baby name from 1997 well into 2009. Though it’s beginning to lose its popularity among parents, it still has a good ranking. It is an overused name and has made it to a list of most hated baby names. We guess it’s used by parents who really believe in destiny. It is definitely a name that will sound ridiculous in the next 10 years.


Yes, many of us love the movie Benji and we all adored the cute dog in it. And it might sound like a cute name to give your baby boy. But what about when he grows into a man? A better choice would probably be Benjamin or even Ben. Benji is better to be given as a nickname than as a complete name.


The name Siobhan, pronounced as sheh-van, is surely unique. This is a name that can confuse people with its spelling and pronunciation. Your little Siobhan will probably have a hard time at school repeating her name over and over again to her teachers and peers. It might sound like a cool name, but your little one might not have it easy growing up.


Who would name their kid Danger? Well, there are many who chose to go with this name. But it is one of the most regretted baby names. It is a modern invention name which won’t last in the next 10 years and will sound ridiculous for sure.

If you are stuck between a few names or want to go with a trendy one, it’s your pick. But always make sure you love how it sounds instead of blindly following the trend. Do you agree with our list of baby names? Would you like to add a few more names to our list? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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