Seven Stages of Fibromyalgia,I have on five what is your’s?

The Seven Stages of Fibromyalgia. What is your Stage? | Woman with  Fibromyalgia

Stage 1

At the very start of fibromyalgia, you are going to feel mild pain and fatigue. You are going to feel tired all the time. Because of this tiredness, you might not be able to do your daily job perfectly. You are holding to your job but you are pretty sure that something is not right with your body….so you start researching.

Stage 2

Pain and Fatigue increase day by day and now you are very miserable. Sometimes you take anti-inflammatory medicine to get rid of the pain but the pain does not go away. You are convinced now that it’s not an ordinary pain and there is something is going on with your body. You are exhausted almost all the time from fatigue but you are still holding on to your normal routine, can still meet with friends, can go to events and have some good time now and then.

Stage 3

Pain is totally unbearable now and you are wondering whether it is some kind of infection or allergy, Whether I would b able to function like a normal person again. You are now thinking about leaving your job because you don’t have the energy to keep up with the job. All you are doing now after coming back from work is rest, rest and Rest and you are expecting that if I take a good long nap then I might have the energy to go back to work tomorrow. This stage is so dangerous because now you are going to cut people out of your life because you can’t properly give them time. This stage can last for years

Stage 4

You are in awfull lot of pain all the time. Good days are hard to come by. You are calling in sick to work almost every other day because you don’t have the energy to go to work. You are in bed for almost 16 hours a day. Even though if you have a good day and you wanted to take advantage of it. Fibro flare comes in your way and you might not be able to get from bed for the next couple of days because of flare. This time your friends won’t invite you to your events or gathering because they already know your excuses and they think you are whining about it. My Family thinks that I am making things up and don’t wanna be with them. You are going to feel lonely, worried and isolated from others, more than ever because no one can really understand your pain. This stage can last for years and its the worsts.

Stage 5

Up till this stage you might already have let go of your job or at least thinking about it. Now you are thinking about how to get permanent disability because you can’t put up with this unrelenting pain. You are thinking about how long does it take to get disability, also you are worried about getting denied from disability. Maybe Now you have hired a maid because you can barely move. Sometimes you cry in a corner like what is Happening to me. You are entrapped in your own body and there is nothing you can do about it. If you have a good life partner who can understand what is going with you, can really cheer you up.

Stage 6 

You are now alone in this. You have started looking about fibromyalgia on social media. You find many other people who are going the same as you. Now taking shower is feel like a BIG job and once you take a shower, you are done for the rest of the day. Strong lights hurt you, Even the slightest touch to your body can cause really agonizing pain. You are on hard medication. Doctors can’t find a proper cure to your problem, they just suggest you some pain relief medicine. You don’t really care about your clothing now. In fact, you prefer to be in your PJ’s because you feel comfortable in them. Those good days when you were athletic and have a good memory are like a dream to you.

You still like some things in life like watching TV. You are trying to be in sync with current news to find out whether there is a new cure for fibromyalgia. Your friends don’t bother talking to you about yourself as they have other things to do. You need to rest a lot which causes many things to pile up like bills, house cleaning, and dishes. You might have even gained a lot of weight with all those medicines and now you are also thinking about losing some weight but you can’t because you just don’t have the energy to do a workout. You might try a new doctor in search of finding relief from all this pain and fatigue but all they gave you some sleep medicines. Life is like a living Hell NOW.

Stage 7

A Question which I ask myself, Why me?. I was having a good life like a normal person and then BAM !, FIbromyalgia hits me like a Bus and now I am disabled for the rest of my life. We are still looking for a possible cure but it doesn’t seem like we are ever gonna have one.

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