Stages of fibromyalgia

Stages of fibromyalgia

In the fibromyalgia process they go through certain stages from lower to higher intensity which I will describe in the following lines:

Stage 1 of fibromyalgia – no diagnosis

This is the first of all in which no diagnosis is yet obtained , in this is when you begin to be aware that you have prolonged discomforts in time and suffer a lot of tiredness or fatigue.

Normally at first all this as it is in a subtle way you blame it on the rhythm of life, stress or external circumstances with what you move forward with your life believing that it is normal.

Stage 2 of fibromyalgia – intensification

At this stage, all of the above is intensified with what you begin to incorporate in your day-to-day ibuprofen-type pain relievers to soothe pain, including vitamins to combat fatigue and tiredness.

At this stage you continue with daily and social life because your body is already accustomed to the discomforts of your day and day.

Stage 3 of fibromyalgia – depression

In this third, all the previous one of magnifies even more, starting the pilgrimage by doctors to find a solution to your discomforts, you feel exhausted, and you begin to plunge into a depression we could say, because you realize that you are no longer the same person , that you cannot do the same things you did before, the pains are more intense and the ibuprofenos that had so far relieved you is no longer enough.

New symptoms are beginning to be incorporated, such as anxiety , insomnia , stiffness, tingling in the hands and feet, very severe joint pain … this stage can be prolonged for a long time, even years.

Stage 4 of fibromyalgia – outbreaks

This has already suffered some high intensity outbreak leaving you many times unable to continue with your daily life , even having to disregard obligations or even miss work.

At this stage it is when a diagnosis is usually made , after having suffered one of these outbreaks, for which it depends on the desire to put all the necessary means to improve and the tools available, will last more or less time, it can even last for months.

Stage 5 of fibromyalgia – disability

At this stage, many can no longer combine their working lives with this condition, having to leave work because the previous symptoms are already greater and almost permanent over time with outbreaks every so often completely incapacitating the person.

At this stage the vicious circle in which you enter very difficult to see the light we could say, because the depression worsens , the worries also, since not feeling able to work the economy can be drastically affected, entering a spiral of anxiety constant concern.

Under this emotional state it is very difficult to improve, since to greater worry, depression, anxiety is like a fuel to worsen and accelerate the step to the next stage. To this we have to add the misunderstanding of the closest environment because they do not understand not seeing the suffering of this disease.

The incidence of depression in fibromyalgia patients

Stage 6 of fibromyalgia – dependence

At this stage, the end of all is already completely disabled and dependent , since he is no longer able to take care of his own needs, spending most of his time in bed, in permanent outbreak, where the medication no longer does almost effect to alleviate the symptoms, without feeling supported or supported by anything or anyone.

We have just seen a small summary of the different stages through which a person with fibromyalgia is going to go through … as it is seen, it is not a disease that can be considered mortal, but it is mortal for the soul.

Years ago where this disease was not recognized, it was not accepted by society, there was no information, there were no tools to improve it most likely that we all reached stage 6. But today we have the great luck that there is Information, yes there are tools that can help us improve our quality of life significantly and recover our health. To feel like living, enjoying and being happy again .

You are in the stage that you are can refer to improve. It is showing that by incorporating healthy habits in our lives we recover and gain health. Every time there are more people than changing a series of habits, and trying multidisciplinarily the symptomatology is remitted recovering the health and vitality lost among them myself.

To study how are our lives, lifestyle, eating habits, emotional state … has been until the time to develop and worsen this disease. As Albert Einstein said:

Madness is doing the same thing over and over again waiting for different results.
Albert Einstein

We could say illness is to lead the same lifestyle, same habits, same beliefs, same food, same stress and waiting for recovery …

When this disease appears, it is nothing more than the body crying out urgent changes in our lives, generally in all areas, because we must learn to listen to our body, mind and soul what it is trying to tell us, to put order and take the reins of our lives changing a series of physical, mental and emotional habits to recover and find the true essence that you have inside improving the quality of life to enjoy it.

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