Therapeutic options against Covid-19 in patients with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and fibromyalgia

The p azienti with multiple chemical sensitivity and fibromyalgia may be more vulnerable to inflammatory consequences of this Covid-19 because these two diseases are characterized by chronic inflammation.

However, being affected by these diseases does not necessarily lead to an unfavorable prognosis. AMICA, in fact, received the testimony of a young person with MCS, who fell ill with Covid-19, and overcame the disease with high fever alone at home, reporting as the only consequence of persistent changes in taste and smell.

What therapies can these patients better cope with?

Among the many therapies used in the treatment of patients with Covid-19 there is ozone therapy. To begin the treatment of patients with Covid-19 with this therapy was the team of dr. Amato De Monte , director of the Department of Anesthesia and Resuscitation of the University of Udine “Central Friuli”, and by the infectious disease specialist Dr. Carlo Tascini , director of the Infectious Diseases clinic, It was used in the hospitals of Udine and Tolmezzo, in combination with antiviral drugs, for the most serious patients who risked being taken to intensive care and intubated. Preliminary results show that ozone therapy can slow down inflammation and therefore decrease lung damage.

Dr. De Monte told La Repubblica that the procedure is very simple and not too expensive: 200 milliliters of blood are taken from the patient and treated with ozone for about ten minutes and then re-injected for about three or four times.

The doctors sent the request for authorization for the trial to the Italian Medicines Agency AIFA, and to the Ethics Committee of the Spallanzani Institute in Rome to study 200 patients.

Experiments in the treatment of Covid-19 cases with ozone therapy on 50 cases have also been started at the Eastman site of the Covid hospital 5 of the Policlinico Umberto I and the first results are encouraging also because there are no side effects. The manager Francesco Pugliese, director of the Goddess of Umberto I and of the School of specialization of anesthesia and resuscitation, takes care of it.

The Prof. Umberto Tirelli, oncologist expert on chronic fatigue syndrome and related conditions like Fibromyalgia and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, in recent years, is proposing to patients with these diseases own ozone therapy as anti-inflammatory therapy. In this interview given by the professor to Francesca Romana Orlando for the book “Vincere la MCS”, which is one of the gifts of AMICA, we talk about this innovative therapeutic approach.

As explained by  there are specific contraindications for ozone therapy, such as pregnancy, hyperthyroidism, favism, serious cardiovascular and / or hematological and / or respiratory diseases in the clinical phase of decompensation.

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